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This is a list of all the applications I have currently compiled for OS X. If you have any problems, please e-mail me. Warning: I am not responsible for the usage of these applications. I cannot guarantee that these applications will not screw up your system. I am not responsible for any damage/ downtime. Please use these on a test system first if you are skeptical. I will say that all of these apps have worked fine on my own and friends' computers.

CDRDAO 1.1.9 for OS X : Download Now

Here is CDRDAO compiled for OS X on my G4/400. Tested with 10.3.7 and 10.3.8! This will help you burn CUE/WAV and CUE/MP3 files! It is also very good at burning regular CUE/BINs. It can give you a ton of information about your CDs/DVDs and Drive. Works great, highly recommended! Comes with a nice Readme file found in your Applications folder under CDRDAO to get you started!

BitTorrent 3.3 : Download now | Textured Version (Brushed Metal)

I grew tired of waiting for the OS X version of BitTorrent to be updated, so I took the matter into my own hands. This is a freshly compiled verson of BitTorrent 3.3. I downloaded the source from the CVS tree, compiled it on my PowerMac G4 using Mac OS X 10.2.6 and the December Developer Tools from Apple, and made the installer/disk image on my iBook. The installer Application will create a BitTorrent 3.3 folder inside your Applications folder. I will continue to build and make installers for all the new BitTorrent versions, so check back often.

Exposé Fixer : Download Now

This AppleScript will change the function of Exposé. It applies two hacks. The first one puts a moveable, aqua Exposé ball on your screen. Clicking on the ball will execute the different functions of Exposé. More info in the ReadMe. The second hack changes the Show Desktop function. It's the way it should have been from the start. Here's a picture of how it looks after applying the patch. There are some known issues with this hack, so please read the included ReadMe. The AppleScript also includes a Revert function if problems start to show up.

Pan 2 X11 For OS X : Download Now

Pan 2 for OS X via X11. Pan is a great newsreader by the Gnome people. It requires X11. I compiled this using DarwinPorts. All support Libraries are included. Installs into the /opt/local/ directory. Don't worry if it says that the installation failed, it's lying. To run Pan, Open or your favorite X11 Server, then run the command /opt/local/bin/pan. It should start up in a few seconds. Enjoy!

GiftBoX w/ FastTrack Plugin : Download now

This is the regular GiftBoX application hacked to support the FastTrack plugin. FastTrack is the P2P network used by Kazaa. The disk image contains two installers. The first one is GiftBoX for OS X itself. GiftBoX will be installed in the Applications folder. The second installer, FastTrack plugin, installs all the required libraries and configuration files for GiFT and FastTrack to work properly. This package needs to be installed as Administrator, so please make sure you have administrative access to your Mac before trying to install the plugin. The only issue for now is that all files on the Kazaa network (FastTrack) show up having names like .hash=233245342424. This is a problem with the actual plugin, and I will update the FastTrack plugin as soon as they fix this bug.

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