Motorola 2210-02-1ATT

So I recently signed up for AT&T’s “U-Verse Internet”, which is just rebranded ADSL2+ that uses IP-DSLAM instead of the older ATM/PPPoE setup. For $15 less than TWC’s 10/1 package, I get 11.2Mbps/0.92Mbps. Not bad.

However, AT&T loves screwing over customers whenever possible. As part of this brilliant business strategy, they decided it was a good idea to kill off un-updated versions of the Motorola 2210-02-1ATT. Why? Because they charge every new IP-DSLAM customer $100 for a new router/modem combo, the NVG 510. There are plenty of older 2210 modems on eBay, selling for $5-$30. I managed to pick one up for $14 shipped.

AT&T’s IP-DSLAM uses 802.1x SSL-based authentication instead of PPPoE, which is now based on whether or not your modem is AT&T-approved – not if you have an AT&T account. This effectively kills off the third-party modem market. You could still buy an AT&T-sold modem off eBay and use it up until August 2012. As posted over at, AT&T loaded the 2210 with old security certificates, which were set to expire August 22, 2012. Starting in May, they began pushing out an updated firmware to 2210s that contained new certificates. Any modem that did not receive the update prior to August 22 cannot authenticate with the network, and, therefore, cannot download the update. Lucky me – my eBay modem had the old firmware on it, 7.8.7r9.

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