NVG 510

Interesting.. Just received a NVG 510 from eBay and it also failed authentication on first startup. After a few minutes, it started a firmware updated and rebooted itself. Then it was able to connect. I wonder why the 2210-02-1ATT wasn’t built with this fail-back mechanism.

2 thoughts on “NVG 510

  1. I am looking for uverse modems on craigslist and ebay. Do you know if the 2701HG-B will also update itself? Or should I buy the NVG 510. Or the 2210-02-1ATT and install your firmware fix? Thank you for your posts. They were very helpful.

    • Hi Victor, I’m not familiar with the 2701HG-B – is this also for IPDSLAM or for VDSL U-Verse? The only modem AT&T claims there’s an issue with is the 2210-02-1ATT. I’m not sure if the 2210/NVG510 and 2701HG-B are interchangeable. Personally, I’d go with the NVG 510 for IPv6 support.

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