Motorola 2210-02-1ATT 7.8.7r27 Firmware

If you want to save yourself the trouble of hacking your way into the 2210-02 to simply get your modem online due to AT&T’s foolishness, you can just update your modem using this firmware file. It was downloaded directly from AT&T’s server, and a few people have told me it works. Use at your own risk, though!

nta787r27_attsw.bin MD5 (nta787r27_attsw.bin) = 715b2b5d3071731fffbb91ca686a5377

If you’re interested in how I obtained the file, I may post the method I used or tell you about it. But for now, I’m going to keep it to myself in hopes of re-using it in the future.

And if you’re from AT&T and for some reason think posting publicly available firmware files is somehow against the law, please contact me and I’ll take the file down. I can’t afford to fight a frivolous lawsuit! As far as I know, posting this file is completely legal.

17 thoughts on “Motorola 2210-02-1ATT 7.8.7r27 Firmware

  1. Neither this download, nor the one that I found on DSLReports will verify for me with MD5. The file names are different, the file sizes are different, and the MD5 hashes don’t match. Which makes me suspect the files enough that I don’t want to try using them.

    • Hi Mark,

      I just redownloaded the file on a different computer and ran MD5 again:
      MD5 (nta787r27_attsw.bin) = 715b2b5d3071731fffbb91ca686a5377

      What are you using to compute the MD5? Have you tried using a different browser?

  2. This post was a godsend! My company is a small VoIP provider and we use U-Verse at our customers’ sites all the time. I hated the NVG510, but all my stock of 2210s had firmware too old to work…. But now I am free from AT&T’s tyranny!

    On a side note, would you mind if my boss posted this firmware and a link to this site on ours?

  3. After extracting the file, I used it to update my 2210 with the R9 software to R27. Immediate connection to AT&T and it had failed authentication before. It had been used before but put away. AT&T told me it would not connect with old software and they would not provide the new firmware. They also told me that the NVG510 needs a firmware update to fix communication and unneeded drops and browser cache corruption but no fix is available. I’ll see how the 2210 works as I didn’t need the wireless anyway.
    Just download, extract and flash using the modem’s Upgrade menu entry.

  4. Hmm, I find this strange; my 2210 (Model 2210-02-1ATT) seems to have been using this firmware version since April of 2011.
    I was looking for a more current version of it, thinking it was outdated, and I find it strange how this is the most current release available.
    Is this really the most recent version available, am I just a crazy old nutjob, or has this router not been updated for years?

  5. After updating my Motorola with new firmware on this website I was able to used my Motorola 2210 instead of NVG510.

    Thank you for putting this firmware on this website 😉

  6. Thank you so much for posting this file. I am very hopeful that I will no longer hear complaints from multiple users in my house when the NVG510 chooses to lose connection randomly. We thought we were sunk until I found this firmware update. Worked right away and got the new (old) modem up and running. Thanks!

  7. Wow, I’m sure grateful that I found this post. I’ve had three NVG510’s (garbage) and they all have the same issues. An ATT tech came out yesterday and I asked if I could replace the 510 with a 2210. He said they were discontinued but after a little digging in his van he found two 2210-02-1ATT’s. The 2210’s would sync but not authenticate. He spent two hours on the phone and chat to no avail. Everyone he spoke with said it wasn’t possible to go to a 2210 once a 510 had been installed on the line. I asked him if he would leave the 2210’s with me and I would try tech support myself. While on hold with an ATT L2 tech trying to figure out how to activate the 2210, I found this post. I flashed the firmware and it immediately authenticated. Everything is working great. No lag on page loads, no disconnects and no DNS redirect page as I had with the 510. I flashed the second 2210 to keep as a backup just in case I have any problems. Thank you for posting the firmware.

  8. I flashed a 2210-02-1006 using this firmware. Now I need a “Modem Access Code” that seemingly doesn’t exist for this revision modem. Anyone know how to bypass or get around that issue? As of this minute, I’m trying to find a way to revert to the previous firmware.

    • Hi Jim,

      Sorry, I never tested the firmware on a 2210-02-1006, but the modem access code is normally printed on a sticker on the bottom of the modem (at least on the AT&T models). Do you see that anywhere on yours?

      When I get some time, I’ll check my 2210 to see if the access code is some kind of permutation of the serial number.

  9. Pls be aware that if you have a custom password BEFORE flashing that you will still have that same password AFTER flashing. Other user customizations, such as DSL User ID and account password and BRIDGED MODE will also be retained after flashing. Thank you for your efforts

  10. This is sweet! I’m hoping theres a similar solution for outdated 2310’s.
    I have this HUGE 3800 hogging as much space as a DirecTV receiver.
    Gross. Please help. Maybe a direct me to where the 2210 firmware was sourced?
    thanks any who .

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