NVG 510

Interesting.. Just received a NVG 510 from eBay and it also failed authentication on first startup. After a few minutes, it started a firmware updated and rebooted itself. Then it was able to connect. I wonder why the 2210-02-1ATT wasn’t built with this fail-back mechanism.

Motorola 2210-02-1ATT 7.8.7r27 Firmware

If you want to save yourself the trouble of hacking your way into the 2210-02 to simply get your modem online due to AT&T’s foolishness, you can just update your modem using this firmware file. It was downloaded directly from AT&T’s server, and a few people have told me it works. Use at your own risk, though!

nta787r27_attsw.bin MD5 (nta787r27_attsw.bin) = 715b2b5d3071731fffbb91ca686a5377

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Getting into the Motorola 2210

For some backstory, check out this post. To summarize, AT&T’s security cert expired. Without it, you cannot sync your modem. They could easily release the firmware update binary file to allow users to connect, but they won’t. (insert name calling here)

This policy motivated me to get my 2210 online at any cost. And now I’m documenting all my results so anybody else can also get their older 2210s online.

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